Lana Del Rey is Selling Drug Paraphernalia Jewelry (Video)

Songstress Lana Del Rey known for her love of Old Hollywood glamor and general bad girl imagery has captivated her fans with her iconic style and cinematic singles. The singer never shying away from being cheekily controversial, from her admitted love of much older men, glamorization of drug use and more. has now added something adorably questionable to her merchandising now available online.

Alongside her posters and vinyl releases, there is a golden heart locket available, engraved with both a snake and her LDR initials on the other side. What makes it stand out is its ability for the top to screw off, revealing a miniature spoon and an empty heart available to fill up with a substance. Many say it’s a compartment for cocaine snorting, but you could also put whatever you want in it, from your favorite perfume, sugar or one lousy shot of alcohol.

Would you purchase this Lana Del Rey locket? If so what would you place in it?

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