Bondi Hipsters take on Oversexed GQ Photoshoot

Bondi-Hipsters6-670x222 Bondi-Hipsters9-670x207Bondi Hipsters explain:

“We saw Miranda’s shoot earlier this week,” the pair wrote on Facebook. “Thought we might turn the industry on it’s head… It’s a little different when it’s a mahn, isn’t it?… Sorry bout it.”

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The Bondi Hipsters describe themselves as “eco-concious, party animal Hipsters from Bondi who are desperate to get their fashion brand off the ground”:

Adrian is a rich boy from the Eastern Suburbs, who has been raised in private schools and spoon fed his whole life. His best friend Dom is a well-travelled young lad from the suburbs of Melbourne who has to work three jobs just to cover his rent. Together they are hoping to take the Australian fashion scene by storm, but first, they will have to survive their summer, and earn their positions in the fashion food chain. Together Dom and Adrian will do all they can to win the hearts and minds of Bondi’s locals. They will try to avoid their drug dealers at all costs, not miss any more Yoga classes, and challenge Sydney’s most successful home grown fashion designer Hugo Cavalli for dominance of the Sydney Fashion scene. Together they will make a name for themselves in the suburb that stops for no one… And hopefully learn some life lessons along the way.

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