Can You Wear Vintage Fur and Still be Anti-Fur?

Vintage fur and anna nicole smith

The great debate that splits the fashion world in two. It is one of the only subjects in the fashion industry that separates people and causes such an uproar in a community otherwise known for being liberal, eccentric and accepting. All in all there is unfortunately no grey area in the Anti-fur and Fur communities. So fashion lovers either have to pick a side, or avoid the question in general. (a reinstated don’t ask don’t tell policy)

Why people like fur: It is timeless and has never gone out or in style. Fur has consistently been a staple statement when referring to any glamour and luxury aesthetic. It is also an investment that retains value (and looks badass)

Why people don’t like fur:  It’s barbaric, in a time where we can create synthetic imitations to create the same look without the slaughtering of animals. Is a fluffy piece of clothing worth all the blood on your hands?

Why Vintage Fur is not a grey area: Some say Vintage Furs are ethically better than getting new furs because you are not contributing to new production, meaning you are not influencing any new animals to give up their fur. However, everyone has a soft spot for vintage and designers constantly bring vintage items back into style. Making your fur a contribution to a trend that will be mass produced. sort of like if someone is anti-smoking but they always have an unlit cig in their mouth. They aren’t doing the act, but the idea is pushed forward.

So to wrap it up, although vintage fur is better it’s still not anti fur. Any fur would be pro-fur.

Where do you sit?

Vintage fur and a lil cig yo Vintage fur kate moss

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