Mens Summer Hairstyles

The Buzzed Swoop Back: One of the more versatile hairstyles. You can either slick the top back or push over.  Throw in some product in it or go natural.  Dress it up with a side part, or not. Your choice, and it’s easy to maintain, you just need to trim the top when it gets too long,  Self buzzing the sides is easy, letting you cool down for summer and saving those bucks.Mens Summer Hairstyles 2014 The Classic Short Wave: A timeless hairstyle you can basically see in every decade.  Low chance of being accused of being a pretentious hipster (like hairstyle above) It has the standard old Hollywood feel that can at times be hard to maintain but you wont have to worry about changing your style severely with good upkeep.Mens Summer Hairstyles 2014 The Blunt Buzz Cut: Probably the cheapest out of them all. I don’t recommend wearing Nazi Memorabilia with this, well actually make that never.  Easy maintenance, no salon cost and provides a nice cool down in the summer days. It’s still very abundantly simple but still affectingly stylish. Have a punk moment.  why not.Mens Summer Hairstyles 2014 The High Bun: Once you’ve committed to long hair it’s not an easy decision to cut it. Especially when you still need to find a way to present yourself in a more professional light.  Simply pull back and up and, bun it out.  Dirty hippie to Dirty Professional! I speak out of experience. (I do this)Mens Summer Hairstyles 2014

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