Graveravens Top 5 Cray Trends of 2014

From the Wacky Tacky to the Okay I Get it. These are the top 5 picks we picked for 2014 trends. Did you rock any of these? Maybe all at once?


5-Colored Ombre’s

Yo Kylie Jenner. Ombre’s have been a hot commodity, even so that soccer moms are dabbling into it. So to spice it up the fashionistas have decided to throw in some color. Usually a teal tone, with wavy beach tossed mermaid curls.


4-Sneaker Heels

You want that height but also want to keep it urban. This is one of those trends that you know you’ll regret in a couple of months. But hey YOLO!


3-Face contouring

A lot of trends have been surrounding Kim Kardashian, regardless of your thoughts on her everyone seems to be emulating this curvy mother. Contouring, usually used to feminize mens faces for drag is now in the hands of everyone. Now all of us have youtubed a contour tutorial and contoured our faces to the gods. Cheekbones like daggers.


2-Normcore Movement (my favorite):


In a world of extremes the most extreme and eye catching thing this year was the ultra sexy normcore movement. Who knew my dad was so trendy. From high fashion designer to your local thrift shop. Everyone had the option to be on point and on trend.

1- Overly Thickened Eyebrows:

Are those bushes? nah. Fill them up and elongate those babies.


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