Pascal Bonvie by photographer Zeb Daemen

Fashion photographer Yumi Lambert shoots an editorial featuring male model Pascal Bonvie for Sabato Magazine. A utilitarian like series with muted colors and a hint of 80’s new wave punk.

Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-01-620x827 Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-02-620x827 Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-03-620x827 Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-04-620x827 Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-05-620x827 Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-06-620x827 Pascal-Bonvie-Zeb-Daemen-Sabato-07-620x827

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