Sea Level Street Art by Hula (Sean Yoro)

Large scale portraits of women alongside the sea level giving them the appearance of beautifully lounging in a body of water. Created by artist Hula (Sean Yoro) by hopping on a paddle board and painting on his desired location.

Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-1 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-2 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-3 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-4 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-5 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-6 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-7 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-8 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-9 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-10 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-11 Sean-Yoro-Hula-street-art-12

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