Missoni Ready to Wear S/S 2017 MFW

The famous knits get simplified in color blocked looks with a mod 60’s inspirations.

See the Missoni Ready to Wear S/S 2017 collection presented at MFW below:kim_0029 kim_0047 kim_0065 kim_0085 kim_0107 kim_0127 kim_0151 kim_0173 kim_0191 kim_0209 kim_0237 kim_0259 kim_0275 kim_0287 kim_0295 kim_0311 kim_0325 kim_0337 kim_0357 kim_0373 kim_0385 kim_0401 kim_0419 kim_0441 kim_0461 kim_0479 kim_0497 kim_0515 kim_0527 kim_0541 kim_0565 kim_0585 kim_0605 kim_0623 kim_0643 kim_0657 kim_0677 kim_0687 kim_0709 kim_0727

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