Nick Jonas by Christian Oita

“Pop Sensation Nick Jonas has garnered rave reviews and much critical praise for his daring performance as a Frat brother in the new James Franco film “Goat”. His accompanying cover and photoshoot in Wonderland Magazine’s Autumn issue prove that Jonas’ Disney Teenstar days couldn’t be further behind him. Shot by Christian Oita, the 24 year old displays some serious swagger and sex appeal while wearing tanked tops and shorts in various urban settings.” – Wonderland

See the shoot below:nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-1 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-2 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-3 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-4 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-5 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-6 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-7 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-8 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-9 nick-jonas-by-christian-oita-10

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