Willy Wagtail by Joe Mazza

Male model Willy Wagtail takes a dip in a river for an outdoor centered editorial shoot. Captured by photographer Joe Mazza.

See the shoot below:willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-1 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-2 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-3 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-4 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-5 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-6 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-7 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-8 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-9 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-10 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-11 willy-wagtail-by-joe-mazza-12

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