Wind & Rain by Kazumi Tanaka

Objects like bones and shells manipulated into instruments in a series titled Wind & Rain by sculptural artist Kazumi Tanaka.

A Japanese proverb says, “A dead man has no mouth.”

There are many traditional songs or folk songs from all over the world that often tell tales of murders and unpleasant death.

If only I could live with joy, happiness and peaceful thoughts all the time. I want to inhale all the beauty while I can. It took my breath away as I walked through woods.

The wind shook the trees and lost their leaves while dead animals decomposed. After the rain I felt the warmth of the sun, and missed those who departed recently…

See the series below:wind-rain-by-kazumi-tanaka1 wind-rain-by-kazumi-tanaka2 wind-rain-by-kazumi-tanaka3 wind-rain-by-kazumi-tanaka4

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