A Raven’s Dream by Stavros Stamatiou

Photographer Stavros Stamatiou creates a hauntingly dark and abstract series titled A Raven’s Dream based on Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem The Raven. The landscapes and creatures are manipulated into lucid mysterious nightmares in a contrasting black and white format.

See the series below:a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-2 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-3 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-4 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-5 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-6 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-7 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-8 a-ravens-dream-by-stavros-stamatiou-1

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