A Dream Come True by Alexandra Rubinstein

Brooklyn based artist Alexandra Rubinstein creates series where we find famous hollywood heartthrobs like Jon Hamm, Justin Bieber, David Beckam, Ryan Gosling and more positioned in-between the legs of a woman. The ongoing series is titled A Dream Come True.

See some selected works below:a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein1 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein2 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein3 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein4 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein5 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein6 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein7 a-dream-come-true-by-alexandra-rubinstein8

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