Woman Cuts Off Leg to wear High Heel Shoes

Aside from the silly feel to this video this story is a very enticing when it comes to the topic of  society and it’s various views on body modification. Many see body piercings, tattoos, gauges etc. as something unneeded, damaging and in the end overall stupid. But there are also many people who have them so there is a bigger support group to fall back on when disapproval is constantly lurking.

This young woman is unfortunately being portrayed as a pathetic vanity driven bimbo. All the comments on this video aren’t the nicest:

“This is an example of a dumb blonde”

“bitch be cray”


I think we have to remember when we make personal decisions, they are personal. Of course  I’m assuming

some require more thought. Like “What color should I dye my hair?” or “Should I chop my leg off tomorrow?” I have a hunch she has had a responsible amount of time to think about her life altering decision.

People aren’t realizing she had a deformed leg and a club foot that  actually caused major difficulty to walk with. If anything wanting to wear heels is just looking at the bright side of replacing her leg with a prosthetic. Who wants to shame someone for viewing the silver lining in their personal situation. I’m sure she would have a regular functioning leg if the choice was readily available.

She had the option to have an unwanted swaggy walk that would hurt and cause problems or replace it with a prosthetic that she could customize and also feel more comfortable in. Next time you paint your nails or curl your hair don’t pass judgment on that girl that chopped her leg off. We are all vain, and we need to be.

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