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Model, Actor, Musician Garret Taylor has his foot rightfully wedged into many doors. With his stable head and hard work ethic it is hard to not notice this talent. A discovered model with an already impressive body of work along with upcoming endeavors in music and acting. We can not wait to see what else Garret will handsomely conquer.Garret Taylor interview graveravensgarret taylor interview graveravens (2)

-age? 21

-height? 6’

-location? Los Angeles

-sign? Libra

Q: Who do you look up to and idolize in the industry?

A: In the modeling industry, I look up to David Gandy.  He is very professional and approachable. I want people to feel that way when they look at my career so far.


Q: How did you start modeling?

A: It was by chance. I am a self taught organic chemist specializing in asphalt, and I was Bodybuilding at the time. I was posting results and getting competition ready when I was contacted by a variety of photographers. They said I should lose a bit of weight and try modeling. I did, and the next thing I know, I was in NYC chasing a dream I never thought I had.


Q: When doing a photoshoot do you find everything feels natural or do you find yourself pushing hard to achieve the final outcome?

A: Photoshoots are more natural for me. I get into the character of the shoot before I get on set. Sometimes the photographers pursue specific poses that are hard to perceive as “natural,” however when identified with the character, I can pull it off.


Q: What’s the best and worst perks you’ve found of being a male model?

A: The best perk is the ability to meet people you would have never thought you would meet. I get to experience bits and pieces of lives that I never thought I would live. Of course you get clothes, free parties, and lifestyle support, but I personally love the fact that people look for inspiration through my work.  I also love surprising people with hidden intellect. Being thought of as uneducated, or ignorant is worst part about being a model.


Q: Tell me about your favorite shoot and why you found it the most enjoyable.

A: My favorite shoot was for Runway Magazine(coming soon). I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. It was a larger production than most shoots, so I was able to interact and meet more great people. The photos rock as well as the makeup artists and stylists. I hope everyone else enjoys it.

garret taylor interview graveravens (4)

garret taylor interview graveravens (3)Q: Who are your top 3 favourite musical artists?

A: I am a huge Radiohead fan. Deftones is awesome, and I love Bassnectar


Q: What instruments do you play?

A: I have been playing guitar since I was a little kid. It keeps me sane with all the traveling. I consider it my “rock”…no pun intended. My father was drummer, so he taught my brother and I how to play since we could walk.  I also sing and play a bit of piano.


Q: What’s one of your biggest guilty pleasures?

A: I love to cook. And when I do, I always pretend like I am hosting a cooking show.


Q: What project are you currently most excited for and why?

A: Well, If told you, I would have to kill you hahaha just kidding. I am looking forward to upcoming shoots for June. Hopefully I will be able to continue to transform and grow. Life is about new experiences, so I am mainly excited for the unexpected.


Q: What else is in the works?

A: As you know, I am a musician. I have been working on my first album and I hope to be releasing it sometime in the winter, or the summer of next year. Life happens, so we will see what is to come of it.


Q: Where can we see more of you?


Instagram: GarretTaylor66


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