Andreja Pejic by Jeff Bark

In the recent media the transgender movement and overall awareness has become a topic in the forefront. With booming celebrities like  Caitlyn Jenner transitioning genders.

The fashion world not too long ago embraced androgynous model then identifying as Andrej Pejic who walked in the top women’s and mens shows defying gender all together.

Now openly transgender model Andreja Pejic shoots for the Sumer issue for Dazed magazine photographed by Jeff Bark. See the beautiful photoshoot below:

andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015 andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015-1 andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015-2 andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015-3 andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015-4 andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015-5 andreja-pejic-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-magazine-summer-2015-6-copy

Magazine: Dazed Magazine Summer 2015
Model: Andreja Pejic
Photographer: Jeff Bark
Fashion Editor: Robbie Spencer
Hair: Akki Shirakawa

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