Lena Dunham in Vogue, the Issue with the Issue.

Lena Dunham was crowned “THE NEW QUEEN OF COMDEY” by Vogue in their upcoming February issue. Of course, with dubbing Lena that title would come a cover, and on that cover there is her photo, and in that photo comes some controversy. You would think people would be thrilled to have someone seemingly forward thinking and creative gracing the cover of Vogue. As far as celebrities go, we do put Lena Dunham on a relatable and level headed pedestal (Along with Miss Hungergames).

The reason for the controversy surrounds the fact of Photoshop, and the issues with projecting false images on other people. Some spectators were shocked that someone so self loving and body positive would allow herself to be Photoshopped.  Popular website Jezebel was so pissed that they actually offered 10,000 dollars for anyone who has the photos of Lena Dunhams unretouched photos. Yeah 10,000 fucking dollars. Jezebel article:

Now, If I were Lena in this situation, I would probably give them the photos. 10,000 dollars is 10,ooo dollars geez. Hey maybe someone might retouch the retouched photos to make the seem untouched, make a pretty penny. Either way Lena has taken to twitter and simply stated “Some shit is just to ridiculous to engage. Let’s use our energy wisely, 2014” – @Lenadunham

Sounds like someone engaged …

What do you think of this fabulous situation?

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photo credit: Vogue

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