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It is a difficult task to establish one’s presence in the fashion photography industry. One can take it as a career option, if one has the willingness to work hard, has a creative mind, and possesses the ability to capture the perfect images. A fashion photographer should have proficiency in two disciplines- you need to be an excellent portrait photographer. Second, you should have the ability to create images for use in advertisements. A successful fashion photographer will be able to combine the two disciplines into a perfect blend with a keen eye to details in design. Success as an esteemed fashion photographer comes to one who stays up to date with all the latest fashion and who has the ability to apply his/her imagination to envision new trends.

In your effort to establish a name for yourself in the fashion photography arena, you must be ready with a great portfolio that displays your best works. This will be your initial selling point. It is equally important to set up an online portfolio; your personal website that exhibits your abilities and skills. To build a good portfolio you must find or hire a model. It is not at all necessary to hire a well-known model to do photo shoots for your fashion portfolio. Go for a lively face who acts well in front of the camera. Building good relationship with actors or models is of vital importance. Patience is a trait that that one needs to cultivate to stay afloat in this industry as some big names could be really tough to work with. Allowing the models to make their own suggestions and improvisations may sometimes fetch you unexpected gains. Sometimes, the most trivial opinions and actions can prove to be the best formula for success.

Once the portfolio is ready, try to obtain maximum exposure. Towards that, make use of the previously published works as a marketing statement and send them to picture editors. Maintaining a professional working relationship with fashion editors would be a prudent idea to work on. Since fashion photo editors are on the look out for concise and sharp images that clearly communicate the idea, you need to have the ability to generate unique background and settings for your images. The ability to present the idea in a convincing manner is the key to selling the images. In fact, fashion photography combines the aspects of advertising and selling clothes which ooze creativity and style.

Women’s fashion magazines buy thousands of stock shots every month and the suppliers include photo agencies found around the world; they sell images captured by aspiring photographers. Obviously, the big names among the fashion agencies have takers all over the world. Some of the agencies can re-sell the photographers’ works in different market segments, and some others will offer you excellent career boost. Keep a tab on the changing trends in fashion by referring to fashion magazines. Take that first step towards success; and, even if a fashion editor turns away your work, do not get dissuaded, as most of the successful photographers have had their work rejected at some point in time in their journey towards success.

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