The Cigarette Shoes (Loafers) Trend

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The last few seasons in fashion it’s been all about the sensible bright sneaker, from high fashion designers Chanel and Burberry Prorsum pairing sporty shoes with not so sporty looks in both mens and womenswear collections.

A new shoe trend that has been bubbling up and taking over the fashion world is the sleek chic Cigarette Shoe, also known as loafers. The shoe has a simple shape and design leaving designers to dabble into different materials and techniques when creating them. They have already been used in current seasons popular designs and we plan to see so much more of them in general.

Why are they called cigarette Shoes or Cigarette Slippers? Well the were used way back in the 1800’s but Made popular for indoor use with trend setters like Hugh Hefner roaming around in their quarters. A luxurious simple mens slipper to go have a quick cigarette in.

Now found in menswear, womenswear and unisex devisoun price points carn range from dirt cheap and also bounce into the thousands. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for the right ones for you.

Below are some options to think a about, check them out.

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